Silent words

World seems to know everything.
And I know nothing but beauty.

 I’ve wandered to see my dreams again. I am not who I were but I am not either walking on my dreams yet. World is a journey I’m in, or is it a life? Life floats and sometimes I don’t fit into. I don’t need to. I am a silent girl walking in the woods while looking for her words again. I have a right to speak. I can’t wait to see my words: my world will not be defined by someone else. I am talking to myself. This is a process: months ago I realized I've lost something, that I'm broken.

I live between two cities not knowing where to belong. What to want. How to not feel so lonely.

Only to realize that all I need to do it to be honest for myself. I'm trying with silent words. Going back and forth.

Change is my word.  We'll see.

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Lovely to see you here.